Why modern motors take longer to warm up

The cars of our time are equipped with sophisticated high-tech engines that constantly require maintenance and respect. Do not forget that the heating of the internal combustion engine largely depends on the air temperature, as well as the load directly on the engine. Also, this procedure is affected by the principle of operation of the heater and the crankshaft speed indicator.

Modern atmospheric units require longer warm-up times than turbine engines. And gasoline internal combustion engines warm up faster than diesel ones. The same applies to comparing in-line and V-shaped motors – in the first case, the warm-up duration will be longer.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the material from which the cylinder block is made. Cast iron blocks have much less heat transfer, and heating of aluminum blocks will take longer. It should be noted here that cast iron, due to its non-environmental friendliness, is gradually disappearing into oblivion – more and more engine manufacturers are resorting to the second option.

Source https://motorplan.ru/

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